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Our services can be mix and matched to fit any production.

TPN Assessment

Garius is fully TPN Assessed for Pre-Theatrical Content, in the cloud as well as On-Premise.
Our security is also hardened by a wide security feature set from Google Cloud.

Cloud and Technology Services

Garius makes equal effort to provide value in Content as well as Workflow and Pipeline. We are built on Cloud and develop technologies to help Clients with any project specific needs. Once we get a sense for your project – we can introduce some ideas on how we can improve the process.

Tax Incentives

Our flexibility allows us to perform work in any locality, under any tax incentive program.
Please inquire about how we can help.

Visual Effects

High-End Visual Effects and CG work for TV, Film, and Advertising.
We specialize in traditional Compositing, Digital Matte Painting, Simulation, and Animated pieces.

AR, VR, and Other Realities

Naturally as content escapes the traditional flat screen – we are following the same path in developing content that explores this new medium. Reach out to us to hear about some of our projects and tech.